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EDventure Quest is an education and role-play gaming after school program created by Rusty Ward, a writer and director of education and children's videos. For over 15 years, Rusty has been creating award-winning programming for PBS Digital, BBC America, Google, Condé Nast and many others. 


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As a parent of two children, Rusty noticed how his own kids, and their classmates, were struggling during the pandemic. It was difficult for teachers to hold students' attention and kids were finding it hard to self-motivate.

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He started developing games that contained learning activities to help kids keep up with their school work. Then he combined multiple games together and made them part of a larger adventure. Pretty soon, instead of having to pester his kids to study they were asking for the next adventure.


EDventure Quest's interactive adventures are designed to pull kids in, keep them engaged and challenge them to create their own solutions.  

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