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Learning Benefits


Learning can be a challenge. By turning that challenge into a compelling adventure, EDventure Quest keeps kids motivated and open to new ideas. Classes teach writing, math, public speaking, cooperative problem-solving and social-emotional learning. The stories, games and challenges within our adventures teach kids age-appropriate lessons that correspond with the standards established by the Common Core Initiative.

Speaking & Listening

Through a series of encouraging prompts and rewards kids learn to listen to what is happening around them as well as participate in discussions by asking questions and expressing their ideas.  They are given opportunities to speak up and take action themselves or to use their voice to help another member of their team perform a task. 


Kids write down their ideas in clear and descriptive paragraphs and add them to an ongoing narrative that is created and established by the instructor and other classmates. They will learn about character, plot and story structure by participating and contributing to the story themselves.



No adventure comes without obstacles. Many of the obstacles found within an EDventure Quest story can be overcome using math. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are built into every adventure. They are presented as story problems so kids understand the context and reasoning behind why math is helpful. Kids will also find puzzles that teach fractions, decimals and geometry.

Social-Emotional Learning

EDventure Quest's heroes need to work together to succeed. No single hero is smart enough or strong enough to go it alone. Kids are encouraged to be inclusive and consider the strengths and viewpoints of others. They are also taught that their actions have consequences. Their behavior impacts their friends and other story characters in both positive or potentially negative ways. They are encouraged to think about other character’s perspectives and motivations and are asked to look beyond their first impressions because things are not always as simple as they seem.

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