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After School
Creative Writing and Roleplay Gaming

The dragon riders of Vylik are searching for new recruits. They need all the help they can get because the realm is under attack from evil sorcerers, giant insects and even dastardly politicians. Young dragon riders will work together to battle monsters, solve mysteries and outfox wily opponents. The choices each rider makes determines where the story goes next. Classes teach writing, math, public speaking, cooperative problem solving and the fact that each of them is an unstoppable hero with an important role to play. Ages 7 and up.

*No prior dragon riding experience necessary.

Private Session
Your Very Own Adventure Party

An EDventure Quest storyteller will join you at home or school and take your friends and family on their very own interactive story adventure. Each participant will not only take part in the tale but also provide valuable input into which direction the narrative goes and what challenges are faced along the way. For more information email us at

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Summer Camp

EDventure Quest offers classes and  interactive adventures through July and August. Find out more at our Summer Camp page.

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